FUM Industrial SCARA Robot

SCARA is an acronym for Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm, meaning it is relatively compliant in the X-Y axis, and rigid in the Z-axis. SCARA robots were designed to mimic the action of a human arm to automate assembly or loading and unloading tasks with speed and precision. This feature allows the arm to extend into confined areas and then retract or "fold up" out of the way. This is advantageous for transferring parts from one cell to another or for loading/ unloading process stations that are enclosed. The idea is to get all the benefit of a human employee at a higher speed and without fatigue. Adding one or more SCARA robots to the production line is one of the more affordable ways to increase production speed and deliver payback on your automation investment SCARA Robots are a popular option for small robotic assembly applications. The SCARA configuration is unique and designed to handle a variety of material handling operations. By virtue of the SCARA's parallel-axis joint layout, the arm is slightly compliant in the X-Y direction but rigid in the 'Z' direction, hence the term: Selective Compliant. This is advantageous for many types of assembly operations, i.e., inserting a round pin in a round hole without binding. SCARAs are generally faster than comparable Cartesian robot systems. Their single pedestal mount requires a small footprint and provides an easy, unhindered form of mounting.

  • Robot type: Series RRR-P,XYZ,Ï‘
  • Max Payload: 5Kg-Max Cartesian Speed: 8500mm/s
  • Repeatability–Bestcase:0.15mm
  • Open control architecture for allowing research applications
  • Applications: Precision insertion, High speed packaging